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Customized ERP Software

Customized ERP Software: Why ERP Software is needed?

Every management to know what is happening in the companies & Industries.

1.  One solution for better management

2.  To reduce cycle time

3.  To achieve cost control and low working capital

4.  To shun the geographical gaps

5.  To satisfy the customer with high expectations

6.  To be competitive and for survival

7.  Optimize Working Capital

8.  Optimum utilization of materials, machinery & manpower

9.  Ensure access anytime ,  anywhere

10. Improve operational efficiency

11. Low cost ownership

12. Expand your knowledge  of key business data

13. Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets

14. Data security and secrecy etc.

15. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software customized as per the business processes allows you with smooth working of the employee and quick acceptance of the software, as workflows or processes remains the same only technology changes.

16. With customized ERP software you don’t need to change the business flows which means ERP software are implemented as per your requirements, not the other way round.

17. ERP customization helps you in removing the unwanted or unnecessary features – further it also minimize the confusions among other departments.


Benefits Of Customized ERP Software:


1. Cost Effective:

The word "customization" can send easy signals that it is more costly than the vanilla version. But the truth is quite the contrary. Choosing an open source ERP solution,  can save tons of money for the organization.

The key to low costing is the open source ERP platform. If you customize Odoo through a 3rd party company and sum up the total cost, it will be less than the ready-made ERP solution as they do not require any licensing costs.


2. No Change in the Workflow:

Whenever a new ERP system is implemented in the organization..the first thing that changes is the workflow of the organization. The workforce needs to rewire their workflow according to the ERP solution being implemented. But, if you choose a customized ERP solution, then there is no need to rewire the workflow of the organization, which in turn improves productivity and saves time used by the workforce to transit into the new ERP system.


3. Remove Clutter From the Screen:

When working on complex tasks, the first thing that matters the most is the user interface. With out-of-the-box customization, you can understand how there are many useless elements on the screen. The clustering can really hamper the productivity of the workers as they have to maneuver more and get easily distracted.

To overcome this, customization is necessary. Why need a "Membership number" field when your workflow doesn't really need that information. The safe bet is to remove it and make the interface as simple as possible.


4. Customized Reports:

Business is about reading the values and acting on them. Statistics is important and no one can deny that fact that stats can really help make management take better decision.

Vanilla ERP solution provides report generation, but they are not customizable as you may want them too. To make it clear, you need to import new styles, data gathering methods and more to make the reporting useful to you and your marketing team.


5. Combine Processes:

Is there any scenario in your working environment that want to dispatch 2-3 processes after trigger a single process? The cascading process is nothing new. For example, if a customer orders a pizza, you need to take the address, import it into the system, assign it to a delivery boy and make sure that the delivery is made successfully.

All the events are cascading and you may not want to combine all of them into just one window, saving your precious time, improving productivity and hence bring more profit.


6. Remove Unnecessary Features:

In one of the early points, I discussed on how you can remove unnecessary clutter from the screen. Well on the same terms, you can also remove features that are not needed by the organization. 

Industry-specific ERP solutions are available, but that doesn't mean that you need to use the features that are not required. Removing the features will help your ERP solution to work more optimally and be less obtrusive to other features/processes within the organization.


7. You are Running a Solution that doesn't match industry standards:

Innovation is the cornerstone of the future. If you are one of the organizations that strives on innovation and no ERP solution can fit your bill, you need to eventually customize the ERP solution. The idea here is to not getting bobbed down with what's available.


8. Adding more process to the business:

The staggering number of business evolve in their lifetime, but that does mean that customization is inevitable. If you are one of the businesses that add new process then you have to take customization head-on. Also, there is no point in buying new ERP whenever there is a change in the business or the workflow. Customization is the best bet here.


9. Complete personalization:

Many organization have key personals or groups that add tremendous value to the organization. To make them as productive as possible, customization is needed. You need to study how they are going to work with the new study and ask for any customization they need.

If done correctly, it can build trust, improve productivity and bring more success to the organization.


10. Make the ERP live longer:

The normal life of an ERP solution is 10-15 years. To make it live longer, you need to customize it according to your requirements and add maintain it by adding new features on regular intervals. Without customization, the ERP would not stand the challenges of the market and would collapse under no functionality and usability.

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