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Production Costing (BOM) & Estimated Time of Dispatch (ETD) Reports

Business Benefits of Cost Analysis:

A focus on quality products is a great asset to any business. However, without the ability to generate profits, the quality of your product offering has little value. If you cannot afford to stay in business because your development time and costs outweigh the amount of revenue earned from sales, your attention to detail and strong commitment to user needs will be lost. There are three primary benefits that smart businesses can enjoy from a cost-benefit analysis:


1. Prevention: When you can clearly see the costs that go into your software program and balance those with the sales profits, you will be able to prevent pouring more money into a product than you get out of it.

2. Increased profits:  Preventing a loss is important but it is in the generation of profits that your business can really succeed. A cost-benefit analysis can help many more aspects.

3. Improved decision making: Every part of the PPC software process offers opportunities to streamline operations to manage and purchase RAW Materials, reduce costs, or improve performance if the right information is made available. Having data readily accessible can help management and development teams make the right decisions at the right times.


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